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This is the official app of one of the greatest Youtuber - Jakubek120!

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The best tool for simulators games - supports all available games! Works best with F1 Challenge 99-02 and rFactor

I'm editor at articles

Windows Latest is a new site that constantly strives to bring Microsoft enthusiasts the latest news of the goings on in the Microsoft world and reviews of new Microsoft/ Windows devices all in one place in a precise and unbiased way.

VMT Engine

What can it do?
- launch game even with bug tracker mode
- edit game files
- check for game & program updates and download them
And much more!

F1 2014-2016 VMT

What i've did in this mods:
- in-game videos
- menu sounds
- small fixes in liveries
- Renault Sport F1 (2016) Jerez livery
- VMT Engine
- commentary
- ambients
- pit sounds

REMBUD Website

Website of construction company - REMBUD.


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