GamePT 1.8 is out!

GamePT (SimPT) 1.8 is here! After less than a month of work in progress, the Freedom Update is ready to roll! Why it’s called like that?

GamePT (SimPT) since first release to this day actually only supported two games – F1 Challenge ‘99-’02 and rFactor. It was closed system, which you’ve couldn’t modify in any way (except Shortcuts).

Today new profiles system is introduced. With Testarossa (because that’s how is called new profile system) you can create your own tiles and own Game tab. With tiles you can open programs, or PLR Editors for rFactor and F1 Challenge ‘99-’02.

But with custom Game tab you can copy, remove, or move files. You can also modify config files of programs very easily.


Here’s full changelog of Freedom Update:



  • New Profile system named Testarossa. It’s mostly based on the older one (Continue), but it provides new features:
    • Custom tiles
    • Custom Game tabs
    • Easy to use presets for tiles and game tab         
  • Two new splashes
  • Presets
    • They’re ZIP archive with .GPF file extension
    • Contains tile and functions only
  • More info about profiles in Profile
    • Number of custom tiles
    • Does profile has custom game tab
    • Profile type [Continue (old), Testarossa (new)]
  • New Profile system named Testarossa
  • New icon



  • SimPT has been rebranded to GamePT
  • Lots of code optimization
  • Changes in text
  • GamePT now uses default system text editor if you click edit in PLR Editor, instead of notepad
  • Renamed “Send anonymous datas” to “Send telemetry”
  • Renamed “Official Ring” to “Stable Channel”
  • Renamed “Preview Ring” to “Preview Channel”
  • Version label now has “OFFLINE!” text if you’re offline
  • Changed version naming – now the last number shows date of compile in year and number of day (yyddd)
  • Improved detecting lack of profile in Welcome screen
  • Updated Welcome screen
  • Moved few settings to conf.ini


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in which GamePT wasn’t resetting selected profile variable to 0 causing crash
  • Characters counter in developer panel wasn’t hiding after user pressed “+” button
  • You’ve could open Changelog while you was offline
  • If you open “conf” folder inside of File Explorer you would’t be able change Profile page and SimPT is going to crash (not quite a sure why, it was working just fine earlier)
  • Changelog wasn’t loading properly