GamePT Changelog



1.8 (01.04.2017)


  • New Profile system named Testarossa. It’s mostly based on the older one (Continue), but it provides new features:
    • Custom tiles
    • Custom Game tabs
    • Easy to use presets for tiles and game tab         
  • Two new splashes
  • Presets
    • They’re ZIP archive with .GPF file extension
    • Contains tile and functions only
  • More info about profiles in Profile
    • Number of custom tiles
    • Does profile has custom game tab
    • Profile type [Continue (old), Testarossa (new)]
  • New Profile system named Testarossa
  • New icon



  • SimPT has been rebranded to GamePT
  • Lots of code optimization
  • Changes in text
  • GamePT now uses default system text editor if you click edit in PLR Editor, instead of notepad
  • Renamed “Send anonymous datas” to “Send telemetry”
  • Renamed “Official Ring” to “Stable Channel”
  • Renamed “Preview Ring” to “Preview Channel”
  • Version label now has “OFFLINE!” text if you’re offline
  • Changed version naming – now the last number shows date of compile in year and number of day (yyddd)
  • Improved detecting lack of profile in Welcome screen
  • Updated Welcome screen
  • Moved few settings to conf.ini


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in which GamePT wasn’t resetting selected profile variable to 0 causing crash
  • Characters counter in developer panel wasn’t hiding after user pressed “+” button
  • You’ve could open Changelog while you was offline
  • If you open “conf” folder inside of File Explorer you would’t be able change Profile page and SimPT is going to crash (not quite a sure why, it was working just fine earlier)
  • Changelog wasn’t loading properly


1.7 (03.03.2017)


  • New settings interface.
  • New updates type.
    • This update system doesn’t require any user interaction. You only need to accept update and it install automatically.
    • Only updates .exe file.
    • It creates backup points after every single update.
    • Update Manager also updates without user intervention.
  • You can now force SimPT to run all “on start” process run again in Experimental settings.
  • New color - amber.
  • Characters counter for profiles and shortcuts.



  • When you’re downloading updates, changelog text is replaced by “Downloading updates. Please wait.”.
  • Moved updates to settings.
  • Moved credits to settings.
  • Moved Interface Editor to settings.
  • If you move cursor to tab selector in Home, it’ll keep normal arrow look.
  • There’s no changelog in installer.
  • You’re unable to download preview version from the website.
  • Max characters limit (20) for profile name.
  • Profiles window has been renamed.
  • Minor text changes.
  • UI improvements.



  • Dark theme has been removed.


Bug fixes:

  • You cannot make shortcuts names longer than 22 characters.
  • SimPT now prevents from running two instances at the same time.
  • Fixed bug which may caused crashes in update system.
  • Teal color now should work properly.
  • Fixed max characters limit for addons (hint said 24, but you only was able to use 22 - now hint says 22).
1.6 (10.02.2017)

- Shortcuts Manager - Shortcuts can be used to open external programs, or games without special SimPT's support
- You can add .exe, .bat and .url shortcuts
- One new splash

- Plugins folder was moved to conf folder
- You can have up to 8 plugins
- SimPT now suggest names only if Name text box is empty
- SimPT now looks for updates and sends report once, which improves performance
- If you try to change directory of Shortcuts or Profile, it will open same directory again
- PLR Editor for F1C is now more compact
- Minor changes and enchancmets
- Updated all links to new website
- Small rebranding from "Simulators Power Tools" to "Simulator Power Tool"
- If SimPT detect it's installed in C:Program Files or C:Program Files (x86) - it'll block itself

Bug Fixes:
- SimPT shouldn't cause loops if you've canceled update

- Removed Modules
- Removed obsolete code

1.5 - The Colors Update (10.01.2017)

- Hidding modules is out of experimental stage!
- Added 60 new splashes
- Added Interface Editor
- You can now change SimPT colors! Give it a try!

- Welcome screen has been redesigned
- New SimPT colors!
- Big optimization under the hood! Now it just works much faster
- Changed text of some lines
- Slightly moved few lines
- Today's date now also checks month
- New changelog appearence
- Changed some stuff under the hood
- Updated EULA

- Deleted VMT mods detection & suggestion of VMT Tools

Bug fixes:
- Adding custom splashes throught SimPT should work now correctly

1.4.2 (02.12.2016)

- Fixed critical error

1.4.1 (01.12.2016)

- If you disable modules, the buttons are rearanged
- Added splashes!
- Bug fixes

1.4 - Friendly Update (26.11.2016)

- New home UI design is here! It should be more user-friendly 🙂
- SimPT now tells, if your current profile is broken or not
- Added "Sort" button for profiles
- Now profiles name are suggested, when you select executable and directory
- SimPT uses longer changelogs permamently
- Fixed few typos
- Deleted old code
- Bug fixes

1.3 (19.10.16)

- Added video settings for rFactor
- Added save control for rFactor
- You can backup controls, settings and bookmarks
- Added option to delete old replays
- Some changes in report sender
- SimPT now checks if you're offline, so you can use it without internet connection
- You can hide version and profile labels
- Few windows have been slightly rescaled
- Minor changes and improvements
- Bug fixes

1.2.1 (21.09.16)

- Added experimental options
- Added calendar
- You can hide modules
- You can use longer changelogs
- Bug fixes

1.2 (16.09.16)

- It's now easier to setup new profile
- Added "Info" button in profiles
- Added "Browse" button, when you adding profile
- Add-ons are now called "Modules"
- Now you can setup 8 games in profiles
- You can now open changelog window on the welcome screen
- Added "Read more" button in changelog window
- Support for custom extensions names
- Now text boxes lose focus, when you press on empty area
- Minor chages in update system
- Deleted old and obsolete code
- Some changes in text
- UI fixes
- Bug fixes

1.1 (02.09.16)

- SimPT now supports external game (profiles) - it means you can install it anywhere and use it up to with 4 games!
- Support for external plugins (not in SimPT folder)
- Better support for F1 Challenge & rFactor
- New update window
- Support for ANY game! You can set games like Project CARS, Asetto Corsa and even Euro Truck Simualator 2 (only basic options)
- You can launch dedicated server from SimPT for rFactor
- You can disable movies in game
- Added... Clock
- The special settings savers (eg. vmttools.dll) is now in .cfg format (eg. vmttools.cfg)
- UI changes
- Disabled full screen mode
- Minor changes in text
- Bug fixes

1.0 (02.07.16)

- First official release
- SimPT now saves game .exe name
- Small text changes

Release Candidate

RC 2 (11.06.16)

- SimPT now saves game .exe name
- Small text changes

RC 1 (10.06.16)

- Added rFactor PLR Editor
- "Official Ring" switch is now enabled!
- Bug fixes


Public Beta 1.1 (05.06.16)

- Now program supports two types of add-ons - "exe" which launches .exe files, and "web" - which can launch website or non-addon program (like TeamSpeak 3!)
- SimPT now supports up to ELEVEN programable buttons!
- SimPT now knows, if it works with rFactor - it'll adapt interface
- Added profile label (not sure if it'll stay in final version)
- Redesigned icon
- Renamed "Store" to "Download"
- Small UI changes
- Fixed critical error, causes SimPT would freeze if you try to update it

Public Beta 1.0 (01.06.16)

- You can now use custom game .exe (yay!). It also works for Bug Tracker!
- Added option to configure .exe directory on start
- Few small changes
- Lots of bug fixes


Public Alpha 1.2.1 (02.05.16)

- Fixed bug, which causes SimPT won't delete temp files

Public Alpha 1.2 (01.05.16)

- Added support for add-ons
- You can add and delete add-ons from store (max 5 add-ons)

Public Alpha 1.1 (27.04.16)

- Added addons store button
- PLR Editor
- Some UI changes
- Text fixes
- SimPT should be able to be downloaded from VMT Engine, if user selected option
- Mouse should be changing now to hand for most of buttons
- Many bug fixes and improvments over the last public preview build

Public Alpha 1.0 (24.04.16)

- First public release

Closed Alpha 1.0 (18.04.16)

- First fully working build