SimP- I mean, GamePT 1.8 Preview 1 is out!

363 days ago, the first build of SimPT was compiled. It had really simple features, but it was working. Today, I’m getting rid off SimPT. It’s going to be replaced with GamePT. Why?

SimPT name stands for Simulator Power Tool. The first releases of it were designed especially for two of them – F1 Challenge ’99-’02 and rFactor. With today’s update I’m introducing whole new games support system. SimPT or GamePT (Game Power Tool) adds ability to create own Game tab and tiles. You can use tiles to open things, or access to menus (coming in next Preview). The game tab allows you to edit files with buttons/check boxes (soon), remove, copy and move files.

This update also improves code, fixes some bugs and more. Here’s full changelog:

GamePT changelog:


  • New Profile system named Testarossa. It’s mostly based on the older one (Continue), but it provides new features:
    • Custom tiles
    • Custom Game tab
    • Easy to use presets for tiles and game tab
  • Two new splashes
  • More info about profiles in Profile
    • Number of custom tiles
    • Does profile has custom game tab
    • Profile type [Continue (old), Testarossa (new)]
  • New Profile system named Testarossa
  • New icon


  • SimPT has been rebranded to GamePT
  • Lots of code optimization
  • Changes in text
  • GamePT now uses default system text editor if you click edit in PLR Editor, instead of notepad
  • Renamed “Send anonymous datas” to “Send telemetry”
  • Renamed “Official Ring” to “Stable Channel”
  • Renamed “Preview Ring” to “Preview Channel”
  • Version label now has “OFFLINE!” text if you’re offline
  • Changed version naming – now the last number shows date of compile in year and number of day (yyddd)
  • Improved detecting lack of profile in Welcome screen

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in which GamePT wasn’t resetting selected profile variable to 0 causing crash
  • Characters counter in developer panel wasn’t hiding after user pressed “+” button
  • You’ve could open Changelog while you was offline
  • If you open “conf” folder inside of File Explorer you would’t be able change Profile page and SimPT is going to crash (not quite a sure why, it was working just fine earlier)
  • Changelog wasn’t loading propebly


  • Menu tiles
  • Presets
  • Check box for custom Game tab
  • Update Welcome screen

Known issues

  • You can’t use PLR Editor for rFactor and F1 Challenge
  • You can’t access custom game tab while you’re using rFactor or F1 Challenge
  • Creating profile on welcome screen doesn’t work