SimPT 1.7 is ready!

It's finally here! The new update 1.7 for SimPT is finished.

The biggest new feature which you can see right from start is redesigned settings menu. Now it's categorized.



First is “Personalization” category - here you can change theme, enable shortcuts and more. Second is “Games” category - here you can find settings for all games, for instance - show log after enabling game with bug tracker. Next is “Developer Settings” in which you can find all settings from developer mode. Fourth category is “Updates & Privacy” - here you can change update ring, force update, check changelog and disable telemetry. Lastly we got “Credits” category in which you can find informations about SimPT and stuff like that.


But there's more under the hood - from version 1.7 there's new updates type - the light updates. They meant to update only executable file - it's working thanks to second executable file (SimPT Update Manager). If you click “Update now”, SimPT is downloading file from the server, it launches update manager and closes itself. The manager is replacing file and then it checks for its update. After the process is done, it's turning on SimPT.

But why I added it? It makes update process much, much simpler and faster. But the old type of updates is left for bigger updates like 1.7!


There are also lots of smaller changes and lots of bug fixes, here's full changelog:



  • New settings interface
  • New updates type
    • This update system doesn’t require any user interaction. You only need to accept update and it install automatically
    • Only updates .exe file
    • It creates backup points after every single update
    • Update Manager also updates without user intervention
  • You can now force SimPT to run all “on start” process run again in Experimental settings
  • New color - amber
  • Characters counter for profiles and shortcuts



  • When you’re downloading updates, changelog text is replaced by “Downloading updates. Please wait.”
  • Moved updates to settings
  • Moved credits to settings
  • Moved Interface Editor to settings
  • If you move cursor to tab selector in Home, it’ll keep normal arrow look
  • There’s no changelog in installer
  • You’re unable to download preview version from the website
  • Max characters limit (20) for profile name
  • Profiles window has been renamed
  • Minor text changes
  • UI improvements



  • Dark theme has been removed


Bug fixes:

  • You cannot make shortcuts names longer than 22 characters
  • SimPT now prevents from running two instances at the same time
  • Fixed bug which may caused crashes in update system
  • Teal color now should work properly
  • Fixed max characters limit for addons (hint said 24, but you only was able to use 22 - now hint says 22)