SimPT 1.7 Preview 1 is here!

Few days ago in SimPT 1.6 update news I’ve mentioned that I’m going to work on refreshed updates system. Here it is!

Update system is now splitted to two types. The first one called “fat” is basically nothing new. It still is based on already existing system.

The second one is called “slim” – this system only updates SimPT.exe file. It works thanks to “SimPT Update Manager.exe”. It does not require any special interaction from you, just click “Update now” and after few seconds just configure SimPT as usual.


Here’s what’s new in 1.7 Preview 1:



  • New updates type
    • This update system doesn’t require any user interaction. You only need to accept update and it install automaticly
    • Only updates .exe file
    • It creates backup points after every single update
    • Update Manager also updates with no user intervention
  • You can now force SimPT to run all “on start” process run again in Experimental settings



  • When you’re downloading updates, changelog text is replaced by “Downloading updates. Please wait.”
  • If you move cursor to tab selector in Home, it’ll keep normal arrow look
  • There’s no changelog in installer


Bug fixes:

  • You cannot make shortcuts names longer than 22 characters
  • Fixed bug inside of credits window


Known issues:

  • Checking for official updates may cause a crash


I’m also considering redesign, to make it look a like Project NEON – the upcoming UI redesign for Windows 10.




But for now, I’m gonna stick with already existing one. Anyway, go and try this update!


Thank you for following the development.