SimPT 1.7 Preview 2 is finally here!

After long time of silence – SimPT 1.7 Preview 2 is here!

I mostly focused on bug fixes, but there’s also some small and big changes. The most noticeable change is new Settings interface – from now it is sorted by categories, but they may change, this version is only placeholder. There’s also new color – amber.


Here’s ful list of what’s new:


  • New settings interface (this version is only placeholder – it’s going to be improved)
  • Added new color – amber
  • Added characters counter for profiles and shortcuts



  • Max characters limit (20) for profile name
  • Profiles window has been renamed
  • Minor text changes
  • UI improvements



  • Dark theme has been removed


Bug fixes:

  • Interface Editor now got icon
  • SimPT now prevents from running two instances at the same time
  • Fixed bug which may caused crashes in update system
  • Teal color now should work properly
  • Fixed max characters limit for addons (hint said 24, but you only was able to use 22 – now hint says 22)

Known issues:

  • You will not be able to update to official version of SimPT in 1.7 Preview 1 and Preview 2. Wait for 1.7 Preview 3, or downgrade to 1.6!


Stay tuned!