SimPT update 1.6 is out!

Today’s update of SimPT is bringing lots of changes for Modules… Actually, Modules are gone.

I’ve decided to delete them, because of lack of interest about them. You’ll no longer be able to download Modules from SimPT’s site.


But on the place of them, I’m putting Shortcuts – they’re allowing you quickly add shortcuts for things like tools, BATCH files, or URL shortcuts. Menu of shortcuts is almost the same like from profiles, so you’ll get familiar with that very quickly.



There’s also lots of smaller changes, here’s full list of what’s new comparing to 1.5:



  • Shortcuts Manager – Shortcuts can be used to open external programs, or games without special SimPT’s support
  • You can add .exe, .bat and .url shortcuts
  • One new splash



  • Plugins folder was moved to conf folder
  • You can have up to 8 plugins
  • SimPT now suggest names only if Name text box is empty
  • SimPT now looks for updates and sends report once, which improves performance
  • If you try to change directory of Shortcuts or Profile, it will open same directory again
  • PLR Editor for F1C is now more compact
  • Minor changes and enchancmets
  • Updated all links to new website
  • Small rebranding from „Simulators Power Tools” to „Simulator Power Tool”
  • If SimPT detect it’s installed in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) – it’ll block itself


Bug Fixes:

  • SimPT shouldn’t cause loops if you’ve canceled update



  • Removed Modules
  • Removed obsolete code


This update is basically the same like 1.6 Preview 2, so you can basically ignore that.


The next update (possibly 1.7) will bring better SimPT update system. I’ve tested it with Helmet Updater for Old Spice League and it works well and is much faster than the existing one.

Also in the future, I want restore VMT mods tires support. It may come with 1.7 update, but I’m not sure right now.


Thank you for following the development.