VMT Engine 4 is out

Today VMT Engine 4 has been released to the public. This is probably one of the biggest change to VMT Engine since… Forever. The biggest change is licensing, because this update makes VMT Engine’s source code open. Not only that, but the source code has been completly rewritten – that’s the reason why this version is called „4.0” instead of „3.1”. It doesn’t come with many new features, but more of improvements. Here’s full list:

– Installer is now available to download and install the program
– Added some new cringy splashes
– Quick Splash Editor is now loading last quick chat file
– Some new bugs to fix later
– You can’t disable dev settings if any option in Dev Settings is enabled anymore
– VMT Engine now remembers last form location on screen
– Support for non-VMT mods
– Git repository button

– VMT Engine is now open-source!
– Now it’s licensed under GNU GPL V3
– Most of the code has been rewritten and much improved
– Settings aren’t stored in conf.ini file, instead they’re in Windows Registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/VMT/VMT Engine)
– Splashes are stored inside of Splash.cs class
– Splashes are generated after every single Home window refresh
– Changed context boxes
– Quick Chat Editor is now built into Home form
– PLR Editor is now built into Home form
– Small changes in texts
– Redesigned update system
– Changed directories in source code
– Renamed „Reset started” to Reload Form
– Renamed „Developer mode” to „Extra developers tools”
– Many, many small changes
– Changed versions for updater and engine X

Bug fixes:
– Fixed bugs with dark mode
– Fixed many small bugs
– „Fixed” colors of button in Changelog and Update forms
– Fixed critical error in updater

– Removed telemetry
– Removed „Add custom splash”
– Removed some cringy splashes
– Removed quick chat editor window
– Removed PLR Editor form
– Reload form

Also the new tool let’s you install VMT Engine easily. VMT Engine is compatible with all F1 Challenge ’99-’02 mods.
The development isn’t ending there – in future updates some new features will come too. And with the next update, Repair Tool will be open sourced soon too. As for now – stay tuned!

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